Studio Mesila. Sustainable Design

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Mesila, a green idea.
Studio mesila aims to pave a path to design as a way of life, and life as a way of design.
Studio mesila specializes in sustainable design.
It is our faith that through sustainable design we posses real potential to influence the society that we live in. the intention is to create products that represent a new concept, one which will encourage the public to adopt a new and more balanced way of life, in tune with the environment.
Our need and desire is to contribute and to be a part of the ecological and social effort, serves as our guide along the whole working process. Looking for added value in our creation has led us to embrace an environmental-thinking approach throughout the design process. Our goal is preserving the existing, minimizing pollution damage, and reducing the waste of valuable resources. We consider the product's lifespan, the kinds of materials we use, the way the product is made, the sort and amount of energy required to produce it, and the environmental impact it will create. Our sincere aspiration is to change the way things are nowadays and add meaning to the design and creation process, through a personal and an environmental point of view.
We espouse the eco-design strategy, which minimizes the environmental footprint of the product by using a multitude of considerations such as a careful selection of materials, improving production processes and taking into account the product's afterlife. In other words, instead of producing an infinite number of objects, we suggest to give objects an infinite life.